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The Rebtel SDK in Kings of Code Hack Battle

A few weeks ago, Christoffer Ahlbin (our lead iOS developer) and I arrived in Westerpark, Amsterdam, where the Kings of Code Hack Battle of The Next Web Conference 2013 was scheduled to take place. The old brick building of the venue did not meet the eye at first for a developer event but, once we entered, our impression quickly changed. A large and spacious room was setup to host more than 100 developers split in 30 teams for the 36-hour hackathon that was about to begin.


Rebtel was opening up the Voice Platform SDK to all hackathon contestants to use in their hacks, together with a number of great other sponsors like Amazon, Nokia, LinkedIn, Spotify and Deezer. We were there to meet up with the contestants and make sure that they get all the support they may need in order to create cool social apps!

Christoffer and I had the chance to speak with most of the developer teams and listen to a lot of interesting ideas on how our SDK could be used in their app, even in ways we could never imagine. I remember in particular one idea of a game, where the app user would need to call another user and communicate a message, who in turn would need to call another user and communicate another message etc…

The next day everyone seemed much more focused on their hacks, as the end of the Hack Battle was slowly approaching. After a few hours, the developers began to wrap up their projects and prepare short presentations of their hacks.

All 30 teams got a few minutes on stage to demo their hack in front of the jury, the sponsors, the whole Next Web Conference audience and thousands of viewers online who watched the presentations live through streaming video.

We were very impressed with two teams in particular that found a cool way to make their apps more social by adding voice calling through the Rebtel Voice Platform. The first one was called “Call In”, which was an integration of the LinkedIn API with the Rebtel Voice Platform, to allow calling your LinkedIn contacts. The second hack was called “Chimp with Rebtel” and it was an integration of the existing “Chimp” social app with the Rebtel Voice Platform, to allow a user to call other users that are following him/her. Both teams were rewarded by Rebtel for their cool ideas. All HackBattle hacks and the people behind them can be found here.

The Hack Battle was over, but we met many interesting developers and kept very good memories. We are now really looking forward to be part of the next Hack Battle, meet old and new friends and see more great hacks.

Give your app a voice

Michail Rikakis

Product Manager – Rebtel Voice Platform

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